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What's a co-host? Co-hosts help listing owners take care of their home and guests. Our industry-specific we locate, screen and place only the most qualified employees.

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We can help a listing owner with their space, their guests, or both. we Handle, and work out the details listing in advance. .

Get the space guest-ready

If a home has never been listed on Airbnb, we can help make sure it’s set up to welcome guests. We can recommend repairs, buy necessary items like towels and toilet paper, set up a lockbox, and create a house manual.

Change Icons

We can create an Airbnb listing for a space. They can write titles and descriptions, take and upload photos, and help determine the nightly price.

Message guests

We can message guests on behalf of the listing owner, using the co-host’s own Airbnb account. They can get to know guests, answer questions, and coordinate their arrival and departure.

Manage reservations

We can manage the host’s reservation settings and accept or decline reservation requests.

Welcome guests in person

We can greet guests in person, give them a tour of the space, and answer questions about the house and neighbourhood.

Help guests during their stay

If guests have an issue during their stay, We can communicate with them and fix the problem. For example, if a guest is locked out, their shower stops working, or their internet is down, they can call a co-host to help fix the problem.

Write reviews

e can use their own Airbnb account to write reviews of guests on behalf of the listing owner. Guests will be able to review the listing and the co-host. We can see reviews from guests that stayed at the listing before the co-host was added, but can't respond to those reviews.

Update calendar and pricing

We can keep a listing’s availability up to date and manage the listing’s price settings. They can also add things like seasonal pricing and weekly discounts.

Restock essential supplies

We can help stock a home with a few basic guest necessities like towels, toilet paper, and soap.

Cleaning and maintenance

We can clean the space themselves, work with a professional cleaning service, or both. For example, a co-host may wash towels and sheets while a cleaning service takes care of the kitchen and bathrooms. We can also handle general home maintenance and make sure anything that’s damaged gets repaired.

Get help from Airbnb

If the listing owner needs to contact Airbnb to get help with a reservation or guest issue, a co-host can handle the communication and find a resolution. However, We can't open or manage Resolution Centre requests.