Correct cleaning during the spring


Correct cleaning during the spring

Correct cleaning during the spring. At each change of season an intense cleaning of the house is necessary. Why? Since it is because it is a periodic way to thoroughly clean regions of the house that we do not give importance to on a day-to-day basis and, in addition, with climate changes we have to make small changes at home.

We are going to talk about spring house cleaning and how the Dak Staffing team can clean your house without you having to waste time on these tough tasks.

What should be cleaned?
How will we prepare your house for spring?

With the arrival of spring, it is essential to make an idealization to order and clean the house and make certain changes in the home. Buying new sofa covers, cleaning the furniture on the terrace, putting away the blankets and duvets … It is a perfect time to tidy up the house thoroughly and do a deep cleaning.




In routine housework we focus on cleaning the floors, but what do we do with the walls and ceilings? They are regions of the house that also get dirty and that must be cleaned periodically to avoid deterioration. Therefore, with the arrival of spring it is a good possibility to protect and check the walls and ceilings of the entire house.

What cleaning product is best for cleaning the walls? The first thing to do is decide on the type of surface to be cleaned to select a particular procedure and materials. At Dak Staffing we have experts who know which products are suitable for each surface.

It is also necessary to remove accumulated dirt, especially in the corners, so it is best to use a vacuum cleaner at the beginning. During the entire cleaning of the ceiling, it should be used to remove dust from the lamps because it is a task that people do not usually perform on a weekly basis.




One of the cleaning tasks to do around the house in spring. In the coming months, the windows and balconies of the house will be the ones that are open the longest and, consequently, once again the dust will gather the curtains. That is why it is necessary to do a previous cleaning that at most we will have to repeat again when summer arrives.

It is also the perfect time to wash the sofa cover, or in case it does not have removable covers, let’s remove stains that may have formed. It is necessary to carry out an intensive preliminary cleaning by vacuuming under the cushions to remove any possible crumbs, hair, dust or other dirt. At Dak Staffing we will save you the hard work of having to leave the curtains in your house and the sofa in the living room as new.



Change of season, change of wardrobe and we focus correct cleaning during the Spring. There are many people who due to lack of space must take off their winter clothes to make way for the lighter clothes of the spring season.

You should save your warm clothes, you will have to wash them beforehand and then place them in a cover to prevent them from absorbing moisture or accumulating dust in the following months. If you need to wash a lot of clothes and you don’t have time to take care of these tasks, we will do it for you.



We say goodbye to the colder months, we focus correct cleaning during the Spring and it is the perfect time to clean the carpets in the house. How should we clean them? The first step is to vacuum them, since whatever material it is, we will eliminate each of the accumulated particles, hair or dust. Then, the material from which they are made must be considered because each type of carpet will require specific care.



If you don’t have daily grooming routines because you don’t have time to get out of the perfect house, trust the DAK Staffing team. We perform services for individuals, organizations and residential.

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Enjoy spring and forget about cleaning your house!

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